My Cross Stitch

To view the full size picture of any graphic below please click on the thumbnail or it's name. The picture will open in a new window for viewing, to return to this page simply close the extra window. Beside each pictures name is it's size, some of the pictures are fairly large and will take a while to load, please be patient. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

alexanderstitch.jpg (18 kb)

This is a birth announcement I did for a friend when she had her son.


carouselhorse.jpg (34kb)

This is a carousel horse that I did for my daughter and it won second place in a competition in Arizona.


hbird4.jpg (22kb)

hbird3.jpg (25 kb) a little clearer

This is a rose wreath with a humming bird in the middle that I made for a person I really cared about who loves both roses and humming birds.


mizustitchlarge.jpg (37kb)

mizustitchsmall.jpg (213 kb)

These are wedding announcements that ayli and I made for freinds of ours who got married. The top one is mine, the bottom one is ayli's. The top one is a wall quilt and the bottom one is inserted in a jewelry box. Both have glass seed beads in them.


peekabobib.jpg (43kb)


puppybib.jpg (44kb)

These are bibs I made for another friend who had a little girl. The pcis don't show great detail but these were colorful bibs.


towel.jpg (68kb)

This is a finger tip towel which I cross stitched cats and a fishbowl on. I made two of them and gave them to sabryna, a friend of mine.


wizardxstitch.jpg (55kb)

This is a wizard that I stitched for my husband Ron. It uses mettalic threads and cording. It is shown here not completely finished as I am in the process of turning it into a wall quilt to hang on the living room wall.

Free To Bee..3 kittens playing, cross stitch

Cats.jpg (48 kb)

This one I did for a friend of mine as a reminder that she can be who she wants to be. It was meant as a pick her up type of thing to let her know that she is in charge of her life and that I will always be there for her. This was the first of 2 that I did for her. Hopefully I can get the picture of the dragon scanned in to put up here soon.

Teddy Bear On China Hutch: Cross Stitch

aurie-stitch.jpg (46 kb)

This one I did for my birth mother. It is buried with her. She loved teddy bears and she chose the design. This was my first ever counted cross stitch.

# pink roses bookmark; cross stitch

bookmark.jpg (63 kb)

This is a laminated bookmark that I did for my friend talia.The design is 3 pink and red roses on a vine. It was to remind her that people care about her and since she reads so much, she would see it often. 

Dragon over a castle cross stitch

dragon.bmp (546 kb)

This one I did for a friend of mine who's online nick is Little^Dragon. It took me almost 6 months to complete. But it is my favorite peice so far!



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