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Welcome to my personal site, I hope you enjoy it.

When I first started this site it was at the request of some of my friends from online. They wanted my poems in a single place where they could read them whenever they wanted to. So I put them up here.

I created this site because many of my friends and family do not live in my area, or even the same state. This site is a way of letting my family and friends know what's going on in my life.

I also hope that by sharing my experiences in life, they will help someone else. (For example: I live with chronic pain and so I included information on that here in the hopes it may help someone else in a similar situation.) Some of this information may be difficult for others to read. I know that for myself, finding out I was not alone in these experiences made a world of difference, so I share them here that I may give the same support to someone who needs it.

Lastly, I wanted to share my hobbies and interests with others. It was easier to just put them all on this site rather than create indivual sites dedicated to each interest. This also helps me to make new friends with similar interests. As the site grows, I hope to include more poems, pictures of hobbies and such from my friends as well.

Okay, that was not easy to write! Its all I can think of in way of an introduction to the site anyway. So, again; Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy it!


   This site is currently under re-construction....sorry

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