Living With Chronic Pain
For the past five years of my life I have lived with pain every day. Depending upon my activity level the pain can be very severe or not too bad. I've learned quite a few things beacuse of this being a part of my life. I wish to take a few moments and share what I have learned.

First, I have learned that the words "Where there is a will, there's a way" are true. I have often surprised myself with how quickly I will adapt to get or do something I truly want to to do. I remember scoffing at that saying before in my life and now, I can't scoff because I have experienced the truth of it for myself. Just because someone lives with chronic pain, or a chronic illness/disability, does not mean they are stupid or somehow less capable than other people. You would be surprised how many things I have had to overcome in order to keep my life as normal as possible.

I learned that the world views people with chronic pain as drug addicts just wanting drugs. Or liars who make up their symptoms to get sympathy. I have been accused of being "weak" because I can't just "grin and bear it" all the time. At first, this made me very hesitant to reveal my true pain level to anyone. As well, it caused me to push myself and do things that I knew would injure me further so I would not be seen as lazy. I have finally learned that the world's view is not correct. The vast majority of people who live with pain are not drug addicts just looking for a quick high. They are indeed loving, caring, thinking, feeling human beings, who for some reason or another, are living with pain that most people can't comprehend. So let's try something, think for a moment of how it feels to have a mild toothache. Think of spending every moment of your life feeling that pain. Now think of the pain of a severe toothache, that burning intense pain that makes your whole head hurt. Think of living with that every day of your life. Now you tell me, is it being weak to be worn down by such a level of pain day in and day out? I don't think so.

Chronic pain sufferers have highs and lows which affect their levels of pain. Some days it is less painful, other days it is more painful. It is often very difficult to get an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the pain. It is also very difficult to get adequate medication to manage the pain. We are often seen in a very negative light and that makes treating the illness even more difficult. It gets real bad when the illness is one that is easily treated, yet goes without treatment because of the bias against people complaining of pain.

Living with pain all the time can be extremely hard to do. It can isolate a person, caue them to become depressed, angry or resentful. It can cause them to become cranky, often during high levels of pain, the person has little to no patience. All of these possible effects have a very good reason for being in existence, but very few people really understand it if they themselves do not live with it.

I have been able to come to terms with my pain much easier thanks to a newsgroup I found on the server. It is There I found many others who live with chronic pain. A place where I could vent my emotions and b understood. A place where I could talk and not be ridiculed. For this forum, I am extremely grateful.
Sadly, this forum has now been removed since MSN has done away with "newsgroups". It is still available as a posting board. This is a link to the group: Living With Chronis Pain CDnD

As well, I have created a mailing list which uses e-mail for those who wish to join that suffer from chronic pain. To join, click the icon below and follow the directions on the screen. Or email me privately and ask me to add you to the list. ( Raven Shadowborne

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