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I enjoy writing many different things. I have written short stories, poems, prose, and essays. My writings take in many different genres, from fiction to non fiction. I have often been asked how I manage to write so many things at one time. I think this is one of the most often asked questions of any writer. For me,  I really do not know the answer. It just seems that I get "bit" by the "writing bug" and I can't stop myself until everything that wants to be written is down on paper. I often write things on paper first, and then put them on the computer. 

For me, my writing is best when the topic is something which is dear to my heart. Or has in some other way grabbed my emotional attention on some level. I have also found that I find it more difficult to write "love" type poems than I do poems that are inspired by anger, hurt or pain. 

When I am working on something that is not based on fiction, and means alot to me, I will do extensive research into the subject. I present that information intermingled with my experience, if I have any, with the topic and how I dealt with it. I have been told that often, these writings are my best and readily convey not just the emotion involved, but the facts. They are presented in a manner which is easy to read and allows my readers to almost experience what I am talking about. Further, they often give the reader a clearer understanding of the subject that they did not have before. These are the writings which mean the most to me. I love helping someone if I can at all, and these writings have done just that. 

When I write fiction, I let my imagination go. These stories are brought on by dreams, experiences which spark a different thought, playing with my children and just about any other thing I encounter on a daily basis. I can never say for sure if something I do or see will prompt a story from me, but often they do. Sometimes I find these very difficult to write because my mind tends to be more "reality" based when I write. I feel that my fiction is sorely lacking in imagery and quality. Though, it is something I still work on just because I enjoy it. 

Until a couple of  years ago, I had stopped writing for a really dumb reason. When I started again, I didn't tell anyone because I was afraid to hear that my writings were really bad. They are important to me, and I feared rejection. As I gained more confidence in myself and came to believe that I wrote solely for myself and not to please an audience, I became less shy about sharing my work. Most of the poems and other writings you will see on this site are written in the past couple of years. Many of them give an open view of what goes on in my mind and my heart. They reveal more about me than I ever realized. I hope you enjoy them.

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