My Hobbies / Interests
I have quite a few interests and hobbies that I involve myself in. My first is writing, as you probably already know from reading the index page to this site. <smile> Some of my other hobbies are outlined below.

I enjoy cross stitching. This is a form of needlework that is done using small x's in the fabric. The most common fabric used is Aida cloth, but you can use other fabrics as well. The product used is called embroidery floss and they come in a vast array of beautiful colors. You purchase (or make your own) chart and place x's where the chart says to, following it's color key. Groups of x's are placed in such a way that when all the colors are in place according to the chart, a picture is formed. Some cross stitch designs are very simple and some are real complicated. I usually have more than one project going at once. I will have a difficult one and an easier one going. Depending on my mood, and available level of concentration I will do one or the other. Often, I will switch between the two in one sitting. I find cross stitching to be very relaxing. As well, I find it be to very emotionaly rewarding. I enjoy creating things, be they with words or with floss. I feel that when I give a stitched item as a gift to someone, I am giving them a small piece of myself. Something which is intensely personal and can not be bought in a store. I have been cross stitching for almost 4 years now, and I have yet to make a piece for myself. I did finally start a project for myself, but was sidetracked by offering to finish a project for a friend. You can see some pictures of some designs I have done, and whether or not they were a gift by clicking HERE.

I enjoy reading books. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, Danielle Steele, Patricia Cornwell, Kathleen E. Woodwiess, V.C. Andrews, and Mary Higgins Clark. I enjoy books in almost any genre. I love a good story and will often curl up with a book and a cup of coffee and just relax while I read. I will often read my books more than once. If it is a story that captures my heart or mind in some way, I am apt to read that book over and over. I've had to replace some of my soft cover books because I read them so much the pages fell out. <giggle> I also enjoy fiary tales, fables, and some classic books such as Anne of Green Gables and Shakespeare's works. 

I also enjoy sewing. I have made a few quilts and I've sewn halloween costumes for my daughter. Sewing is more difficult for me now with my back the way it is, specially my passion of making quilts. I find that the steady sound of the sewing machine is very soothing to my nerves. And the joy I feel in looking at the finished product is worth the aggrivation that sewing can sometimes cause. I am far from a talented seamstress, but I enjoy what little dabbling I do with sewing. My daughter said the halloween costumes I sewed for her meant more to her than any store bought one and she insisted on saving them. The quilts, like my cross stitch projects, have all been made for someone else as gifts. You can see pictures of my sewing projects by clicking HERE.

I enjoy web design and often spend a great deal of time tinkering with my web sites. I have finally figured out how to create graphics adn am overhauling this entire site as well as the larger site I maintain. I have done a couple of web pages for friends of mine, but I do not like them. They are very bland. Though, since they were my first attempts I am not surprised. Now that I know alot more, I am slowly working on revamping those sites as well. Hopefully soon I will be able to provide links to those sites. I enjoy helping others who have questions about web design. Though, far from an expert, I can't answer all questions but I give it my best shot. 

I enjoy role playing games. Specifically AD&D. I am what is called a dungeon master. Which basically means I run the dungeon that the players go on. It takes a lot of work and effort to set up a good dungeon. I used to play every weekend, but since my life has gotten more hectic, I no longer play that often. I do miss the fun and laughter that always accompanied a game. Hopefully I will be able to return to gaming someday soon.

I enjoy learning about many different things. I am endlessly fascinated with the workings of the human mind. I love hearing about others experiences and feelings. I find that by listening to others and truly understanding their situation, I have a better understanding of humanity in general. Through this interest, I find that I am able to help others, something I truly love doing. 

For the first time in many years, I have once again started a garden. I found that I still enjoy planting seeds and tending them to fruition. It is something that I can do with my children and it allows me to have quality time with them, while teaching them something practical, like how to grow food. <giggle> 

My interests are varied and cover many different areas. There are too many to list them all here, so I will give a brief overview of them instead. I am interested in the why's behind human behavior, the workings of the mind, accounting, pharmacy, children, education, faith, and many many other things. As you can see, I have quite a few interests and hobbies that keep me quite busy. 

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