Author: Aylissa Cair © 2000
There's a fog coming in,
off the deep blue calm.
It's reaching it's cold gray fingers out,
looking for something to catch hold of.

The sunlight is muted,
all the colours are pastel,
everything's turning gray now,
lost in the fog.

I can feel it taking hold of me,
wrapping it's cold damp fingers, 
around me, 
numbing me to the world.
Theres a bright light glowing, 
over the sea,
it's far far away from me,
in the place that's my home.
It's waiting for me.

There's a light glowing,
in the place that is home.
The bright light is waning,
and there's still so far to go.

There's a dim light glowing,
in the place that was my home.
The light is almost gone,
how will I make it home?

There's no light anymore,
and I'm alone in the dark,
the light went without me.
I never made it home..

Page and Graphics By Raven Shadowborne © 1999